CrossFit Óbuda

Try one of the largest CrossFit tracks in Hungary!

CrossFit is the top of functional training! The methodology of this sport is simple: CrossFit draws on everyday forms of movement and implements it into the world of gyms. Whether it’s stretching, push-ups, or different strength exercises, CrossFit combines it all. Here, everything is based on your actual endurance and the natural movement of your body.

How is CrossFit structured?

On the one hand, you will come across bodyweight training techniques, and on the other hand, you can try out different weight lifting exercises. With a wide range of tasks, CrossFit is a sport that almost anyone can try, regardless of stamina, gender or age.

Make use of your functional strength!

Come and join us in our CrossFit group classes, where qualified coaches are waiting for you! Remember, we also have beginner and advanced classes, so you can try or improve your knowledge in a great environment on one of the biggest tracks in the country!