Finnish sauna

Relax in our outdoor Finnish sauna after your workouts

Pamper your body after a workout or at the end of a tiring day! Who doesn’t want a little relaxation? By using the Finnish sauna, you can maintain your health and thanks to the sweating, you can improve your well-being as well. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the soothing experience of the sauna.

Why is Finnish sauna good?

You couldn’t wish for a better way to reach your physical and mental balance and enjoy real relaxation! In Finnish saunas, water is dripped onto hot stones to create steam, so that you can feel the moist air pervading your body and cleans the airways. You can enjoy the beneficial effects of the steam while sitting or lying in the cabin.

Come to us for a sauna!

After 30 minutes, you will feel that your body is cleansed, your skin is pleasantly softened and your soul is maximally calmed. What could be a better ending of a day?