Spinning Óbuda

Try spinning, one of the most effective cardio workouts

Come and take part in a real adventure in our group spinning training! Spinning is a special form of room cycling as we train together to music with the guidance of a team leader. The real advantage of this sport is that while you move your body, you can experience the true team spirit!

What can you expect?

For a real dynamic and cheerful group cardio training, where you can switch off your brain and you’re guaranteed to spin at 100%! During the session, our coaches give instructions, so that you can perform tasks of different difficulty. You can also do spinning as a kind of additional training for your usual sports activity.

Recommended for beginners as well!

The coaches consider that both beginners and advanced participants take part in our classes, so everyone can get the most out of themselves by varying the intensity of the workout.

Apply for our group spinning training and enjoy a real cardio experience in Óbuda Fitness!