Our Trainers

Csaba Molnár


I am Csaba Molnar and I am a personal trainer and competitor. I have been involved in this sport – at competition level as well – for 18 years. I participated in many international and domestic competitions and I have qualifications related to workouts. I experienced on my own skin what changes the body is capable of with a diet and a personalized workout plan. In America, I also did a CrossFit training course, which allows me to put together a variety of fast-paced, muscle group-specific training to complement workouts. Besides, I am welcoming guests to small group CrossFit – cardio box and functional training sessions.

+36 20 265 6682

Botond Vitányi


Hi, I’m Botond Vitányi, I took part in Ninja Warrior Hungary (TV2), from which I might be familiar to you. I started bodybuilding more seriously 6 years ago. It is functional training and body toning in which I’m the best at. Today, this type of training has become essential to me. If you’re reading my lines, don’t recoil, as training creates not only physical but also mental strength. Contact me at any of my contact details, good form is guaranteed.

+36 20 439 4760

Zsófia Czifra


I am Zsófia Czifra and I have been playing sports regularly since I was a child. From the age of 4, I’ve tried myself in various sports. I’m working in the fitness and bodybuilding industry including taking part in competitions for 8 years now. My goal is that those who come to me achieve their coveted shape and have healthy self-confidence. Feel free to contact me!