TRX Óbuda

Get in shape with our TRX workouts

You have tried a lot of workouts before and want something new? Choose a completely different form of training and get in shape with the help of your own bodyweight!

How does it work?

TRX was originally developed by the U.S. Marine Corps and has now become one of the most popular training methods in the sports world. The goal of TRX is to achieve maximum results in a small space with little use of equipment. With the help of TRX, you too can get in shape, as there are many different exercises that can be done easily, and you can also easily change the intensity of the tasks. We provide you with prepared trainers and the necessary equipment, which is the specially developed strap, so you can get the most out of yourself!

How do I start?

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried it yet! Our professional trainers work with the utmost care to make you experience the real joy of movement! Come to our group training, where we will help you learn all the tricks of bodyweight TRX workout!